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The Permanence of Salvation

Posted in Uncategorized by Mr. Augie on June 21, 2009

This 10-minute video is from John W. Schoenheit of Spirit & Truth Fellowship International. John is a biblical research man of the highest order. We share very similar backgrounds in biblical research and teaching.  He is easy to understand, his depth of knowledge is rare, his excitement for the Word of God is obvious. The truth that emanates from his heart and mouth as he teaches the Word is healing. He has been a major blessing to my life.

The topic of the Permanance of Salvation is a a crucial one for all Christians. To be honest, most Christians do not understand this subject. Most Christians have been led to think that they can lose their eternal life. It is a shame, not knowing the scriptures, that they are afraid they do not have it, or could lose it if they are not perfect enough. This philosophy is evil and is so pervasive. This false doctrine of losing salvation ruins many believers lives and takes so much joy out of their lives. Thinking that you can lose your eternal life because you are not good enough (or been too bad) contradicts the Word of God and is the same as saying that the work and suffering of Christ is not good enough to bring salvation to any man.

I know that there are a handful of scriptures that seem to indicate that you can lose eternal life. But, many of those can be understood in light of the fuller context, where it aligns with the truth about the permanence of salvation.

Let’s hear what John has to say:

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